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Following Iranian people fascination by Swiss products, Misswake toothpaste entered Iran
Absence of a luxury hookah tobacco in Iranian market made Seylaneh Sabz Co import Alania.
Nino and Dafi were developed by the import of Pull-up diapers with the highest quality.


Pactil gums, oldest and the most varied flavored gum brand was initiated in this Year.
Cellulose products (OZ) were launched in this year.
Come’ on hair remover wax which is produced in Spain as a Swiss product was initiated in this year. Come ‘on hand and face cream with herbal extracts was introduced to market.


Seylaneh sabz success in meeting customers’ needs and great demand in market was led to creation of new products such as Pactil pastille with different fruity flavors in various types for all kinds of tastes. In oral care sector, Misswake mouthwash was made. With the arrival of Bonito-Milano brand new types of condom were supplied to users and finally Come ‘on introduced its new products including pain, sunscreen, and concealers.

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