Seylaneh Sabz Co Is one of the largest manufacturers, importers, and distributors of hygiene products in the Middle East. The headquarter and customer services offices are located in Tehran. This corporation has more than 150 subsidiary companies in 31 cities across the Middle East. The professional marketing research department is created to study consumers' buying habits and preferences. The Research and development department's focus is to ensure the products are reformulated to the latest technology. This company is one of the most known brands with trusted quality products in Iran and the Middle East. Seylaneh Sabz Co's products significantly impact economic growth in Iran through import, export, and manufacturing.


Sylaneh Sabz Co is established to make a happier and healthier world. With our innovative and flexible products, we aim to turn the world into a healthier place for happier people to live!


Becoming a well-known company relies on innovation and customer loyalty, and one of the pioneers in the international cosmetic industry is our biggest aim. We have products that living without them would be difficult!