Come'On is a leading beauty manufacturer in Iran that plays a significant role in improving society's health. Our laboratory department approves the product's ingredients and formulation. Most raw materials for Come'On products are supplied from abroad, mainly from Spain.


Misswake, as a leading dental hygiene brand has developed a large collection of products available to improve whole mouth health. Misswake’s new formula and toothpaste pump design provide an enjoyable brushing experience. In addition to the adults’ products, Misswake presents children’s dental care products- calcium enriched toothpaste and mouthwash.


Dafi is one of the oldest brands of Seylaneh Sabz holding, manufacturing health products. The wide range of variety of products, especially in the field of production of wipes, has made this brand a leading brand in the field of producing wipes for children, women, and adults.


Kodex Nach, as a leading sexual wellness brand in the middle-east, has launched different innovative condom types with 0.055 mm thin natural latex and professional moisturizing lubricant and natural herbal extracts like Kodex Ginger, Kodex Warm Challenger and Kodex Double Pomegranate. Kodex 0.03 condom with ultra-thin natural latex is an innovative product which is in demand in many countries.


Pixxel sunscreen, using the formulation made with world standards and using the best raw materials, has succeeded in producing one of the best Iranian sunscreens, which due to its fluidity, is completely water-based and has hyaluronic acid that protects your skin. Pixxel is your skin friend and helps you to have beautiful and young skin.


It is a good feeling in today's society to have white teeth and a pleasant mouth Zenon has produced quality oral hygiene products with the importance of oral hygiene. Since many diseases and viruses enter the body through the mouth through breathing and eating, Zenon prevents the accumulation of bacteria and tooth decay with its special formulation in its toothpaste and mouthwashes and by controlling the pH.


Nino is the heart of mothers and a good friend of babies. Nino to provide more and better baby’s health and cleanliness and creating comfort for mothers has produced a series of cleaning products for babies and adult cosmetics in the form of wet wipes. Baby's Smile, Mom's Happiness.


In Kapoot we believe in responsible, great sex. That’s why our mission is to promote a safe, healthy and fun sex life. Kapoot condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.


Umbrella is a skincare manufacturer that attempts to improve the skin health of the community. Since the skin health of individuals requires things such as proper sleep, proper nutrition, daily exercise, no stress, and a good skincare routine Umbrella team strives to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. Umbrella takes care of your skin.


Swanpo is one of the brands in Seylaneh Sabz holding, which produces wet wipes for pets and animals. Using high-quality ingredients has made the brand quite popular among its consumers in Iran and worldwide. The wide range of products, especially wipes, has made Swanpo a leading brand in producing wipes for pets.

Hair Water

HairWater, a sub-brand of Come'On, is created to offer professional hair care products, including sulphate-free shampoo, hair mask, hair cream, hair oil and hydrating sprays. Having beautiful and healthy-looking hair is not a miracle anymore. HairWater is here with the "The miracle you seek" slogan to lead customers toward the culture of caring for hair's natural beauty.


Dr.Oz is one of the brands in Seylaneh Sabz holding which produces wet wipes. Using high-quality ingredients through production has made the brand quite popular among Iranian customers worldwide. The wide range of products, especially wipes, made Dr.Oz a leading brand in wipe production for children and adults.